I have quite a few C++ proposals I am working on and percolating through the C++ Standards Committee. You will find the submitted and unsubmitted ones below! Be sure to also check out the proposals and standard tags for any writeups related to C++ proposals!

Actively Pursued Evolution Proposals:

C++26 p1629: Standard Text Encoding Published Latest Draft
C++26 p1664: Reconstructible Ranges Published Latest Draft
C++26 p1967: Preprocessor embed - Binary Resource Inclusion Published Latest Draft
C++26 p2537: Relax va_start Requirements to Match C Published Latest Draft
C++26 p2958: typeof and typeof_unqual for C++ Published Latest Draft
C++?? p1040: std::embed Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a n2995: __supports_literal Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a n2998: Literal Suffixes for size_t Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a n3095: Restartable Functions for Efficient Character Conversions Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a n3198: Unwinding Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a n3199: Improved __attribute__((cleanup)) Through defer Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a n3200: Transparent Aliases Published Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX1: Integer Constant Expression Initialized const Integer Declarations are Implicitly constexpr Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX3: Comprehensive Statement Expressions Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX4: Functional Functions - A Comprehensive Proposal Overviewing Blocks, Nested Functions, and Lambdas for C Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX5: -fwrapv for Everyone - A Measured Approach to _Operators Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX7: T[..; …] — A Non-owning Sized Arrays for Spans and Beyond Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX8: More Modern Bit Utilities (Follow up to N3022) Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXXX9: Variable-Length Array (VLA) Types for Any Size Soon™ Latest Draft
C2y/C3a cXX10: Variable-Length Array (VLA) Allocator Control Soon™ Latest Draft

Approved Proposals:

Most have been completed / merged at this point! The rest of the work is up above!

Completed / Merged Proposals:

C++20 p1025: Update References to the Unicode Standard Published Accepted, C++20!
C++20 p1301: [[nodiscard("should have a reason")]] Published Accepted, C++20!
C++23 p1682: std::to_underlying(T enum_value) Published Accepted, C++23!
C++23 p1132: out_ptr - a scalable output pointer abstraction Published Accepted, C++23!
C++23 p0330: Literal Suffixes for ptrdiff_t and size_t Published Accepted, C++23!
C++23 p2513: char8_t Compatibility and Portability Fixes Published Accepted, C++23!
C23 n2448: [[nodiscard("should have a reason")]] Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2594: Mixed Wide String Literal Concatenation Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2968: Prefixes for the Standard Library Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2726: _Imaginary_I and _Complex_I Qualifiers Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2728: char16_t & char32_t string literals shall be UTF-16 and UTF-32 Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2927: Not-So-Magic: typeof() for C Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2828: Unicode Sequences More Than 21 Bits Are A Constraint Violation Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n2900: Consistent, Warningless, and Intuitive Initialization with {} Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n3011: Oops, Compound Literals and Empty Initializers Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n3017: Preprocessor embed - Binary Resource Inclusion Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n3022: Modern Bit Utilities (Most Components) Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n3029: Improved Normal Enumerations Published Accepted, C23!
C23 n3030: Enhanced Enumerations Published Accepted, C23!

Being Reworked from Feedback:

C++?? p1214: Callables Cleanup! - Overloading and Pointer-to-Members Published Latest Draft
C++?? p1039: I got you, FAM - Flexible Array Members for C++ Published Latest Draft


These proposals are educational in nature only and, while making recommendations, will not see additional pursuit or wording.

C++ p1683: A Survey of References for Standard Library Types - A Survey of Optionals Published Latest Draft


These proposals are dead and will not be picked up again.

C++ p1175: A simple and practical optional reference for C++ Published Latest Draft
C++ p1130: Module Resource Requirement Propagation Published Latest Draft

Cannot Pursue

These proposals are challenging and may require significant rework or language enhancement. Some have also been superseded by other proposals.

C++ p0051: std::overload Not Published Latest Draft
C++ p1803: packexpr(args, I) – compile-time friendly pack inspection Published Latest Draft
C++ p1193: Explicitly Specified Returns for (Implicit) Conversions Published Latest Draft
C++ p1378: consteval is_string_literal(T*) Not Published Latest Draft