We have a new logo for the sol project!

This shiny, beautiful version!

The old logo was made in 10 or so minutes a day before I had to give a presentation in class about sol2 and the various API design and engineering/testing that went into it. This new logo was crafted with a bit more thinking in mind, and then polished with the help of some friends. It looks much more beautiful, even a bit professional!

It also helps that the new logo is version-agnostic and can represent the Sol project for a long time, beyond version 2!

Thanks to Hipony (Alexandr Timofeev) and kyzo (Alexander Scigajlo) from the C++ Slack for helping me get this just right!

For posterity, here’s the older version:

this older, uglier version

It still looks clean, but… well, I really like the newer version!