It took me a while, but I finally created a new avatar!

This shiny, beautiful version!

The new avatar is quite nice, and I drew it myself. The glasses are still the same from my last avatar, but this is more or less the version I want. I might add horns and make some minor adjustments later (in which case, they’ll show up in the above image)!

The hoof hands are a tad hilarious to me, since it begs so many questions of how things get done. But, well, thankfully I still have my opposable thumbs, and this is just the avatar!

With this, however, I can start settling on some concrete names for my blog and some theming! Since I have a sheep avatar, I might as well go for the whole pasture / shepherd approach. Hopefully nobody takes it in the ultra biblical direction!

The new sheep favicon is from Twemoji 2.7. I like how it looks!