Hey there! 🎉

My name is JeanHeyd Meneide. I am a Software Engineer and the Project Editor for ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG14 - Programming Languages, C. I specialize in ergonomic library design, performance tuning, foreign function/language interfaces, and a little bit of graphics programming. My favorite work includes programming that enables even the newest programmers to produce high-quality code that pushes them and others towards the pit of success! Occasionally, I get stuck in a Network Programming loop 💫.

You can find me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter, and keep track of what I’m doing on GitHub!

If you’d like to get down to business, you can send inquiries for work to Shepherd of Shepherd’s Oasis! Don’t forget to follow the company on LinkedIn as well and at GitHub.

There’s also a newsletter you can check out that I write to!

In my free time I try to write and draw, which has naturally led me to creating this place here! I’ll be posting… well, anything and everything that comes to mind that I think might be worth sharing. Feel free to poke around and examine things!


The adorable favicon is the Twitter Sheep Emoji from Twemoji 2.7. The avatar is something I drew by hand!